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For over 20 years I’ve had the pleasure of developing branding and packaging programs for some of the world’s most recognizable licensed properties. My work finds the balance between design and illustration. As a designer, I approach each project with the end user in mind. As an illustrator, my goal is to create visual assets that elevate the brand. As a Creative Director I have managed teams of designers and illustrators and excel at building client relationships – translating their vision into award-winning style guides.

This work requires me to stay ahead of trends and be creatively adaptable for audiences that range from preschooler to gamer to drop culture mavens in the luxury market. Many design programs are a response to trends, but the best ones learn from them and create something lasting.

As an artist, I explore a variety of themes. I continue to explore new processes and always have multiple sketchbooks nearby. Screenprinting, handlettering and watercolor are mediums that also became meaningful components in client projects.

In my work, design and illustration go hand in hand. Displaying all of it side by side shows that balance and gives the whole picture of who I am.

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